This week we held an Open Morning for parents. We taught them about Viking life using artefacts, we really enjoyed being museum curators.

This is what some of our parents thought…

“It was interesting to learn about the Vikings and look at the different items together. It is useful to look at what the children are learning in Grammar. I think I will have to buy that book! I always enjoy coming into the children’s class to find out what they are learning.”

“It was great to witness the enthusiasm of the children to the subject (Viking) covered. A-Z of grammar a must!”

“Really useful to recap on changes since last Parent Morning. Very informative how parents can support learning in school. Fun and enjoyable class based activity. My child was so enthusiastic showing and explaining all about Viking artefacts. Really enjoy these activities.”

“’I enjoyed everything about this morning and found it all useful. I found the way Vikings cleaned their ears quite strange.”

“ I have found this morning very interesting. I have enjoyed reading and seeing things. I loved the key and toys.”

“ I did learn about the Vikings today and found it very interesting. My child is very engaged with this subject, especially the original artefacts! A trip to Yorvik Centre would be great!”

“It was great to see how they’re learning about the Vikings through objects from the Discovery museum. It also made me realise that I need a revision session on grammar!”


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