What a busy Autumn Term in Year 5!

Garage Band 😎
Year 5 have enjoyed working with a music specialist this year. They have thoroughly enjoyed composing their own track with an app called ‘Garage Band’. The have explored different instruments within the app, including piano, guitar and drums, to make their own music. Children have developed a greater sense of rhythm and truly understand how a song can be built through different beats of instruments! Now that’s music to my ears!
There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom 🙊😂
This term, we have loved reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. Bradley is a troubled boy who simply needs one friend. One person to believe in him. Things starts to change when he expresses his feelings to his counsellor Carla. Year 5 have enjoyed writing diaries in the role of Bradley and writing emails to Jeff.  We cannot get enough of the book and are hoping to finish the novel by Christmas.
Year 5 have enhanced their knowledge of Earth in Space. We understand how are shadows change over the day because of the rotation of Earth on its axis. We have enjoyed learning about how seasons change because of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun and the tilt that the Earth has. Our understanding of the Earth has also been enhanced due to our learning in Geography about special lines of latitude/longitude and how Earth is split into two different hemispheres.
Remembrance- 100 years on
Year 5 brilliantly lead the whole school in their Liturgy of Remembrance. All staff praised them on how reverent the children sat and how well they spoke and sang. It really was a beautiful liturgy with a beautiful hymn at the end. In class, we enjoyed sketching our Remembrance pictures.
Mrs Vedhara