Over the last few weeks in Nursery, the children have been very interested in writing letters, putting them in envelopes and posting them in our Nursery post box.  As a teacher directed task, we talked about writing letters, addresses and why we need stamps so that we could write a real letter home, post it in the post box and wait until it arrived at our houses. The children were very excited about this. With the help of our very supportive parents, grandparents and aunties, we all walked to the post box on Monday, armed with our letters and posted them.

This was a brilliant opportunity, derived from the children’s own interests to demonstrate that writing has a real purpose. All the children were so focused on their writing, deciding who it was for and that Mrs Bertram had their addresses correct so that the postman wouldn’t make any mistakes. We care looking forward to the reactions of the children and the recipients of the letters when they arrive at people’s homes.


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