The children have settled into their new routines really well. They are all very happy to have some ‘planning time’ each day so that they can pursue their own interests. We have a brand new creative area where the children can access the materials they need; a jigsaw and reading area, with a lovely new bookshelf and the children have enjoyed sharing the quadrangle with the new Reception children. We also have some new construction kits!

In their first Geography lesson this week, the children learned the term ‘aerial view’. We looked at some objects and scenes from above and the children had to guess what they were and describe what they could see. Then they drew an aerial view of their own shoe!

In Maths the children have been sorting and counting and in English we are reading the story ‘Augustus and His Smile’. The children have made tiger puppets to help them tell the story. Some children have drawn their story maps too.

In science we are studying the seasons and the children have been making autumn tree collages.

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