Balance Bikes Course

The balance bikes course running on Wednesday afternoons has proved to be very enjoyable and successful. As the children are working in small groups, they get plenty of attention from the trainer, Kirsty, and she is able to give help to the children that need more support. The children have been getting used to two wheels through fun activities, such as that shown in the photograph. Alfie was the proud winner of the game! All the children have been very supportive of each other, so they have been learning other important skills in addition to cycling.


Identifying Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

One of the science topics in Year One is plants and within this the children are learning the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees. During our fieldwork lesson, the children discovered that we have a wide variety of deciduous trees in our school grounds, including oak, apple and plum! The pine cones that they love to collect come from the evergreen Scots pine trees just outside the school fence at the bottom of the infant playground. The children closely observed the leaves of the trees that they discovered, using magnifying glasses, and they then drew detailed pictures of the some of the trees and their leaves.


On Friday, the children also planted broad beans, so hopefully, with all the sunshine and warm weather forecast for the weekend, we should have some germinating by Monday. The children will be able to watch them grow and collect data on their plant’s growth each day.


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