This week in Reception, we followed up Dylan and Aidan’s idea of an evil pea hunt.  The boys marked on their own map where they wanted to hide the peas and wrote labels for the places they had chosen.  We then put the peas in these areas and marked them on the map of our school.

The children were able to identify different places in school when we looked at the map together on the board and were able to predict where they would find the peas.  We then went around the school grounds hunting for the evil peas!  The children had great fun and showed that their map reading skills and positional language are very good too!

We have also been learning about halving in our maths lessons this week.  First we started by halving shapes and the children soon realised that ‘halving’ means splitting something into two parts which are the same, or equal.  We did this with different shaped pieces of paper and play dough shapes.

Later in the week we moved on to halving amounts, using sweets.  The children were given the problem of halving their sweets with a partner.  Some of the children chose to line up their sweets and halve them in the middle, then counting to check they both had the same amount, or an equal share.  Others halved the sweets by sharing; again checking they both had the same amount by counting.  I was very impressed by the children’s use of the vocabulary and understanding of the concept of how to halve amounts.  Using sweets meant it was very important to the children to make sure they got an equal share, especially as they got to eat them if they halved them correctly!

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