Prayerful lessons in Year 5

We have been thinking about how we act out our Mission in school. We decided to write prayers to help us.

Here are some of our thoughts:

Dear God, Help me to use my talents to help others, please help me to reach my potential, show me how to respect others around me, guide me on the right path.- Neve

Loving Father, Help us to raise enough money to give to the poor and to care about them. Help us to love tenderly towards them, respect each other and walk humbly with our God.- Brooke

Dear Lord, help us to use our talents for what we need them for. Help us to use them for thoughtfulness, respect, love and kindness.- William

Friday was Youth Friday. We had a special liturgy in school and said prayers.

In Year 5, we will say Yes to God by:

Following in God’s footsteps and being nice to everyone- Max

Spreading the word, praying for the sick and following in His path- Theo

Praying for peace in the world and making your first Holy Communion- Hollie


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