Winter Trees

In Reception, this week, we have been looking at changes in our environment.  Back in Autumn, we enjoyed looking at the trees in our surrounding area and how the leaves had fallen off and were many different colours.

Now we are in Winter, we have noticed that the trees around school are completely bare.  We decided that this could be a focus for some art work for our classroom.  The children noticed that the branches of the trees at the top of the bark were quite thick, but began to get thinner as they went up.  We also talked about how some of the trees were taller or shorter than others and about the different parts of the trees.

We made our pictures using the 2Simple program.  The children needed to be able to select the fill tool to create the background and then change the size of the pen tool to create branches of different widths.

The children then used the spray tool to create a frosted effect on the branches to finish off their pictures.  I hope you will agree they look very effective and that mouse control in Reception is definitely improving!

IMG_4947 IMG_4944 IMG_4939

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