On March 21st the children in Year One took part in the South Tyneside Infant Music Festival at the Customs House in South Shields. Five other schools performed on the same night.  In the first half of the show the children performed a song by themselves – ‘Caterpillars Only Crawl.’  Charlie and Olivia were our two beautiful soloists! The rest of the class sang the choruses and performed the actions brilliantly. In the second half of the evening a version of the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ was told through singing, dance and drama. Jonah played the part of a takeaway chef brilliantly. He was so brilliant that he got a round of applause after he had said his part! He was amazing – confident, clear and expressive. Kacper, Noel, Aliyah, Emma and Sophia dressed up in the fabulous flower costumes made very kindly by Mrs Shaw and Mrs Scott. They were very graceful! We also had four wonderful narrators who finished off the show – George, Beth, Luke and Nathaniel. Everyone sang their hearts out and performed the actions to the songs with great enthusiasm. It was a super evening made even more exciting by travelling to the venue in a coach after school! Well done Year One. We are very proud of you all!

Noel and Eliza were so inspired by the show that their entries in the decorated egg competition were based on it. Noel even won a prize for his interpretation – ‘Meggamorphosis’!


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