Year 2 had a fantastic day yesterday. The children were welcomed into class by Mr Gum and The Witch on the Broom. Children were dressed as a variety of characters, from Jessie to Ben 10. First of all, children designed a new book cover which will be entered into a regional competition.

We then had our Spelling Bee competition. The children had obviously spent a long time learning their spellings, but we had seven children who got 100%. The knock-out round led to Kieran, Chloe and Daniel qualifying for the whole school contest.

Mrs Jordan then came into class to read some Beatrix Potter stories.

Next was time to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) where we read quietly for 15 minutes (Mr Craig said this was the best part of the day!)

Finally, Jamie Wonka gave out his scrum-diddly-umptious treats!

We had a great day and brought in lots of new books for our library!

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