What a week!

We waved off the Year 5’s and 6’s who were going to Thurston then started our own fun learning activities.

On Monday, we had a Healthy Heart Workshop. We learned how to keep our hearts healthy through exercise and eating well. Angela and Katie showed us how to make tasty smoothies using fruit and vegetables. We even liked the spinach!


Call my Bluff is a team game where we found the meaning of some tricky words. We made up false-bluff answers to challenge the other teams to guess the true meaning. Do you know what these words mean: portmanteau, xenophobia, photosynthesis, phial, hurly-burly, drone (and this last one is not the flying camera meaning…)


On Thursday we were Greek Murder detectives. We were given a photo of the victim Agathon, who was strangled with his olive crown, he had won at the Olympics.  We had to listen to interviews and scrutinise the evidence and agree who was to blame. This is what we thought…

Group One –It was Tyrol the slave because he says he’s been stealing so he may have stolen the ring that was at the scene. He was at the temple so that he might have seen the letter that was on the body. During the interview it was like he had rehearsed it.

Group Two- Valeri the jealous wife was guilty… there was a ring on the photo next to the body and the newspaper said it had been lost. They never interviewed her but the neighbour said they were always fighting because Valeri wanted to go to the Olympics.

Group Three- it was Zarek…he is Tyrol’s master. We think he killed Agathon and he was giving Tyrol money to take the blame





Friday at last- we raced our balloon powered buggies- Charlie’s went furthest by balloon power and James’ was the best push! The maths trail was an energetic challenge. We had to use our map reading skills as well as our maths to find clues around the school grounds and calculate the answers! That was a fun way to learn. The afternoon was more relaxing; we made natural paint pallets using found materials and then used photosensitive paper to make prints. WOW! We hope you like our work.

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