This Sunday will be the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

We used the reading from the Gospel Luke1: 38.

In this Gospel Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel and receives astounding news. Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit is going to become the Mother of God!

We used this as inspiration for art. We hope you like our pictures.


In maths we had a challenge. We had to plan a party for eight children within a budget of £100.  The party needed entertainment, party food and drink, prizes and a goody bag for everyone.  We worked out how much we had to spend on each child- £12.50. A large chocolate cake and a bouncy castle were planned in then we worked out the price for two types of food and added them together. Water is free so we didn’t need expensive juice and it is healthier too. We repeated adding foods until we had used  up the budget. Phew- we don’t know how our parents do this all the time!

Year 5 wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2018.


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